4 Questions To Help You Determine If You Need A Stair Lift

If you are planning on aging in place at home, and your mobility is on the decline, you may need to install a chair lift in your home. A stair lift allows you to easily get up and down the stairs in your home with assistance when you can no longer safely navigate the stairs on your home. Question #1: Do You Want To Age In Place? First, you need to determine if you want to age in place.

Four Reasons To Consider Switching To A Digital X-Ray Machine In Your Dental Practice

If you are a dentist and are still using a conventional x-ray machine, you are certainly aware of the existence of digital x-ray machines. You may have given some thought about switching to one, but you are not sure if it is right for a dental practice, at least right now. Certainly hospitals have switched to digital radiography, but does a dental practice benefit from one. The following are a few reasons that your practice may benefit from a digital x-ray machine.

Use A CPAP Machine? Two Maintenance Tips To Help Keep It In Good Condition

If you have sleep apnea a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine can be a godsend. During sleep, the CPAP machine essentially pushes more air pressure through your throat so that the passageway remains open when you inhale. Without it, you could take a deep breath in while you sleep and your airway could collapse, leading to serious health consequences that you definitely want to avoid. Your CPAP machine is probably a very important part of your life and you want to do everything in your power to keep it working properly.