Four Reasons To Consider Switching To A Digital X-Ray Machine In Your Dental Practice

If you are a dentist and are still using a conventional x-ray machine, you are certainly aware of the existence of digital x-ray machines. You may have given some thought about switching to one, but you are not sure if it is right for a dental practice, at least right now. Certainly hospitals have switched to digital radiography, but does a dental practice benefit from one. The following are a few reasons that your practice may benefit from a digital x-ray machine.

Digital x-rays are immediately available

Digital technology means that you don't need to wait for the x-ray film to develop. Granted, the amount of time for a full mouth to be x-rayed is such that a patient can wait in your office for the film to develop, but by switching to digital technology, there is no waiting at all. This increases your customer service, as patients do not like waiting in a dentist's office or the office of any professional.

Digital x-rays are robust

This is a big advantage over conventional x-rays. The images that are produced with digital technology are much larger than with traditional radiography. These large photos make it easier to see more of the tooth, so you can find issues with teeth that you might otherwise not see. Also, the images are larger; you are less likely to need one or more additional x-rays because a spot on the teeth was missed. This eliminates the need for more x-rays and is a time saver.

Digital x-rays produce less radiation

Long-term exposure to x-rays is a concern of both dentist and patient alike. Although precautions are taken, such as lead aprons for a patient, the less a person is exposed to radiation, the better their long-term health will be. Less radiation exposure is certainly a selling point for your practice and will give you a competitive advantage over practices that are still using conventional radiography. The exact reduction in radiation used in digital x-rays versus conventional x-rays will depend upon the particular make and model of the digital x-ray machine.

Digital x-rays are easier to store

Like anything digital, information is easier to store than any type of physical file. For this reason, you will enjoy the benefits of digital storage. This includes that ability to store large amounts of data, in this case x-rays, on a small storage device. You will be able to access them quickly and transfer them electronically.

The benefits of digital x-ray machines over traditional x-rays are many, and those listed above only scratch the surface. They are becoming more popular, and their demand has created competition among manufacturers. This has led to the prices of new makes and models to come down. You may find that the time is right to switch to a digital x-ray machine. For more information, contact companies like VXS Imaging.