Top Reasons To Make Use Of At-Home VR Pain Management

Virtual reality pain management is becoming more and more popular, and it's done both in physical therapy offices or other healthcare clinics and at people's homes. Not only should you explore VR pain management as someone who suffers from chronic pain, but you should also specifically consider making use of at-home VR pain management with equipment that you can purchase or lease. Even though you're a chronic pain sufferer, you might not be sure of whether or not you should make use of at-home VR pain management.

Seven Reasons To Use Refurbished Computed Radiography Equipment

If your medical practice relies upon computed radiography equipment to provide service to patients, you will periodically need to supply your practice with replacement computer radiography parts. Purchasing refurbished parts is one option you have in finding this supply. The following are seven reasons to use refurbished computed radiography equipment at your practice.  Minimizing overhead costs Equipment costs are likely to be among the biggest overhead costs at your medical practice.

Breaking Down 4 Myths About Wheelchair Ramps

If you or someone in your home is a wheelchair user, you know how important ramps are. Ramps can help you navigate over door thresholds, curbs, and stairs. But, unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing wheelchair ramps, many people believe in false assumptions about ramps. Here are a few myths about wheelchair ramps broken down for you. #1: Wheelchair Ramps Are Expensive The first myth that many people believe about wheelchair ramps is that they are really expensive.

Tips For Buying Surgical Masks For Your Small Medical Office

If you run a small medical office, then you should definitely purchase masks. If you're ready to purchase masks that your employees can wear when communicating with patients or when performing various procedures, you may find the advice below to be useful. Make Sure They're the Right Type of Mask First of all, before you place an order for masks for your medical office, you should make sure that you are ordering the right types of masks.

2 Reasons to Use a Portable C-PAP Machine

If you have sleep apnea, your doctor may have you use a C-PAP machine while sleeping. C-PAP stands for constant positive air pressure. Basically, the machine blows air in through your nose and/or mouth to keep your airway open all night so that you can continue to breathe the way you should while you are sleeping. It will help you have a night of better sleep, helping you be healthier in the long run.