Breaking Down 4 Myths About Wheelchair Ramps

If you or someone in your home is a wheelchair user, you know how important ramps are. Ramps can help you navigate over door thresholds, curbs, and stairs. But, unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing wheelchair ramps, many people believe in false assumptions about ramps. Here are a few myths about wheelchair ramps broken down for you.

#1: Wheelchair Ramps Are Expensive

The first myth that many people believe about wheelchair ramps is that they are really expensive. This is not true. Not all wheelchair ramps are expensive. The cost of the wheelchair ramp depends upon the size of the ramp and the materials used to construct the ramps.

There is a wide range of affordable ramps on the market if you need to purchase a ramp to get over a door threshold or get up some stairs. There are ramps for every budget and every purpose.

#2: Hard to Install 

Second, many people wrongly believe that wheelchair ramps are hard to install. Some wheelchair ramps require extensive work, but there are many types of wheelchair ramps that are easy to install.

For example, with a threshold wheelchair ramp, you have to place it up against a curb or door. There are also portable wheelchair ramps, such as a suitcase wheelchair ramp, designed to be carried around and laid out where needed to go over stairs and other small obstacles.

There is a wide range of wheelchair ramps that are both portable and easy to install, and there are some types of ramps that are more technical and will require professional installation.

#3: Required Permanent Change

Third, some people think that all wheelchair ramps require them to make a permanent change to their home. That is not true. You can install a telescoping ramp without making any structural changes to your home, and you can take down the ramp whenever you want. There are also modular wheelchair ramps that are designed to be taken apart when you are done with the ramp. Finally, there are lots of portable and temporary ramps that can be installed without altering your home.

#4: Don't Last Long

Fourth, some people believe that wheelchair ramps don't last long. The truth is that modern manufacturers design wheelchair ramps to last. They make them so that they can withstand constant flow and traffic. You will find some ramps that are not that high-quality; however, most of the products on the market are designed for hours of use before they break down.

Wheelchair ramps are affordable, easy to install and set up, and long-lasting. There are many different types of wheelchair ramps that you can install without permanently changing your home or building.